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Terms and conditions

Terms and condition

  1. Buyers post requirements on site for service providers
  2. Service providers offer their service on their terms
  3. Bidding offer and job listing, we are not obligated to you or anyone to monitor or oversee details or contents
  4. We have the right to remove contents text or information which breach our rules or standard

Contact details

  1. User are not allowed to include or exchange contact details during conversation whilst using our site
  2. Users should not give address or phone numbers to solicit sales on   the site

Supplier’s rules to follow

  1. Contract formed with buyer to be honored
  2. Should not Misrepresent their service to cheat the site or buyer
  3. Should make all payments to buyer including taxes to buyer for service carried out
  4. Should not be deceitful
  5. Do not enter in or promote illegal activity on our site
  6. Infringe on database / trade mark or copy rights when using our site
  7. Do not promote discrimination on our site in any form or way
  8. Do  not harm harass or embarrass any one when using our site
  9. Do not promote or display any material of sexual explicit or violence in any form

Access to our site

  1. We reserve the right to restrict or terminate your access to our site without notice or reason
  2. Your access will be on temporally basis
  3. You are responsible if anyone access our site using your details or pass code
  4. Do not give password or pass code to third party that allows access to our site
  5. Only use our site for legal purpose and should not break any laws local, national or international
  6. Should not use our site for fraudulent purpose

Termination or suspension of access

  1. We retain the right to terminate your access temporally or permanently  if you breech the rules
  2. Take legal action against you
  3. Disclosure of information of you and contents to law enforcement authorities
  4. To recoup all cost plus damages when taking legal action against you for breeching our rules
  5. To take further action against you where legally possible


  1. A person must be 18 years are older in order to register
  2. All personal details must be valid and true
  3. Phone number and valid email must be provided
  4. we may take legal action against you if you provide fake details or falls information

Feedback and comments

  1. On a transaction buyers and suppliers can leave a feedback
  2. We reserve the right to remove these feedback
  3. Unfair feedback will be remove permanently
  4. Feedback can be temporally remove whilst there may or may not be an investigation into a matter concern to the transaction
  5. Feedbacks must not include personal abuse that may harm any party that uses our site feedbacks will have two ratings positive or negative
  6. A user with more than three negatives gain within a month will be warn
  7. we reserve the right to block user who leave false or unfair feedbacks
  8. we reserve the right to block user whose feedback have breech basic standard of a transaction
  9. no user are allowed to leave any feedback with abuse on our site


  1. we do not guarantee any material listed on our site
  2. we are not liable for any loss direct or indirect as a result of using our site
  3. any breach of contract that result in damages or loss to either parties that uses our site should be settled without the inclusion of our site
  4. users should settled claims and losses legally or amicably where necessary
  5. your property or belongings are not insured by us and we do not compensate or will be held responsible for any loss or damage
  6. negligence by either seller or buyer that result in injury ,death or fraud are not insured by us nor do we will be held responsible
  7. mapping , timing and location are not guarantee and we do no accept any liabilities in any way or form for loss or being late
  8. all intellectual properties on our site is own and licenses by us and you need our permission to use it in any way or form


  1. contracts or agreement are made between buyers and sellers, any or all cancelation should be only made when transaction cannot carried out
  2. where necessary we will relist the buyers  job if the supplier cannot fulfill the task or pass the task to another supplier
  3. once details are exchange between buyers and suppliers no cash refund can be or will be made
  4. where the seller has to cancel the task the deposit will not be refund after making contact with suppliers
  5. We may take legal action if fraudulent practice accrue upon exchange of contact details  between buyers and sellers who in return make request for deposit
  6. You have 30 days to request back deposit in exceptional circumstances after such time we are not liable for no refund
  7. All refunds are only at our discretion


  1. Upon accepting a bid on our site the buyer must pay a deposit to us as there agent.
  2. We may waiver the deposit in certain circumstance where other arrangements are made
  3. The deposit will be a percentage of the transaction agreed price
  4. The deposit is deductable from the total outstanding agreed balance
  5. The suppliers are responsible for collecting the balance due to them including all taxes and vat
  6. The buyer should pay the balance to the supplier
  7. We accept our deposit via different options of payment methods such as online or over the phone
  8. Persons of special needs we will make alternative payment arrangements for with due care